Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 3 of Take Me Home: Calm before the storm

We had a lovely shoot at a loft in Culver City yesterday. We were prepared for chaos and very tight quarters but once we got there, things just hummed. 

The biggest hiccup was a missing light on the grip and electric truck that was supposed to be part of the package. But we worked around it successfully. The actors did a wonderful job and the crew gelled nicely even with some new arrivals to the team. 

Our main worry was the location. It was a beautiful loft filled with expensive items. We had visions of things breaking or getting damaged but we did pretty well. We had no L&D (loss and damage) at all. I am very proud of how smooth it all went. 

We also had a problem with where to feed everyone. I found a great little nook to put the trimmed down crafty table. I picked up fresh bagels for breakfast and the crew didn't complain about not having hot food.

This problem with where to feed people also led us to doing a walk away lunch, paid of course. We found a restaurant in the same building that had a back patio we could take over. So we all walked to the restaurant and had an amazing meal. Again, adversity met success. 

Today has been our so-called day off though it hasn't been much of a day off for me. Yesterday's success turned into today's terror. My morning was great but soon the calls started coming and now we're trying to figure out where to park everyone tomorrow morning. Oh well, you have the good with the bad and who knows? Maybe everything will fall into place nicely as soon as we are there! Fingers crossed!

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