Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 10: El Matador Beach

By far, Day 10 was the most relaxing and enjoyable and beautiful location of the entire 12-day shoot. We were filming on the beach in Malibu at a gorgeous location -- El Matador Beach. 

In order to provide relief from the wind and sun, we rented a mac daddy RV for a day. Check it out. 

But the parking got a bit ridiculous. We got there about 8am to start reserving spots and by 9am, we were getting swarmed by beachgoers and that didn't stop til the end of the day at 9pm. We took over half the parking lot and paid for all the spaces but I have to say hundreds of beach-goers tried to take our spots all day long. As soon as we would move a car, someone would try to steal our spot. Three of us had to do parking patrol. 

The shoot went really well and we wrapped before sundown. The beers came out and so did the frisbees and football. It was an all around great day! Here are some choice shots of the location:


Jentri said...
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Jentri said...

beautiful! love the pics.