Sunday, June 21, 2009

Working Production and the Indie Film Indusry

Working on a production this week, which always takes over my life and my energy. Production always seems to make me feel like a mushy bowl of jello. I love it but it's hard to run on adrenaline for 16 hours straight (standing for most of those hours) over a number of nights! Yes it's even a night shoot.

I'm working locations, filling in for the line producer while she is out of town. So it's a quick gig. But, at the same time, I am prepping for my next project as producer, which starts the 7th. We are filming the second half of Take Me Home in July. So prep is kicking my butt too!

As my butt is being kicked, I found an excellent article that everyone should read!

Jim Stern of the company Endgame talks about the state of independent film and how we may move forward from here. Check out the article here.

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have a super shoot!