Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Internet Marketing for Filmmakers

Marc Rosenbush is a filmmaker who like all of us works on getting his films marketed and sold. He has figured out ways of using the Internet to successfully market and sell his films to his audience directly. I think we can learn a thing or two from him. 

He too sees the value in teaching others about what he has learned. It takes years of experience and trial and error to figure out techniques that work in getting your films made and sold. 

Marc has launched the Web site Internet Marketing for Filmmakers and I've already watched a few free videos that are very helpful. For greater information, you can join a club and have access to even more marketing ideas. 

Check it out and see what you think: Internet Marketing for Filmmakers. Let me know if you find it useful!

And if you want to become a member of the marketing club Indie Film Insiders or take Marc's online marketing course Indie Film Launch Formula, you can do that too. Click on the names of the club or the course or click here to sign up. Good luck! And happy marketing!


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