Sunday, June 7, 2009

50 Ways to Describe What It Means to Be a Film Producer

  1. You make movies
  2. No one really knows what you do
  3. Everyone thinks they know what you do
  4. You are accountable for everyone and everything
  5. You are blamed for everything
  6. You get the highest acclaim
  7. Everyone wants your credit
  8. No one wants your responsibility
  9. You are a CEO and CFO and COO
  10. You are an intern
  11. You make decisions
  12. No one likes your decisions
  13. You are a gymnast
  14. You are rigid
  15. You are a maverick
  16. You are old-fashioned
  17. You are a cheerleader
  18. You are part of a team
  19. You are an island
  20. You are a leader
  21. You are a follower
  22. You are a writer, a director, a producer, a PA
  23. You are a psychologist and sometimes psychiatrist
  24. You are a storyteller
  25. You are creative
  26. You bring creative forces together
  27. Your life is making movies
  28. You are a master negotiator
  29. You are a fighter
  30. You are a financier
  31. You are a Queen to some and a plebe to others
  32. You make about ten cents a day for what you do
  33. You don't do it for money
  34. Everyone thinks you're selfish
  35. Everyone thinks you're selfless
  36. Everyone thinks you're courageous
  37. Everyone thinks you're weak
  38. Everyone hates you
  39. Everyone loves you
  40. Many look up to you
  41. Many don't want to look at you
  42. You have money
  43. You don't have money
  44. You make good movies
  45. You make bad movies
  46. You are fun to be around
  47. People can't stand to be around you
  48. You are a conflict in terms
  49. You are human
  50. No one wants to be a producer. They just like the idea of being a producer.
It's a tough job, but you do it because you love making movies. Hang in there Producers! Your work is valuable even if others have a hard time admitting it. I know what it means to be a producer and I value each and every one of you!

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Anonymous said...

I love this description of the lovely hellish life we lead!! thank you. I will share it forever!