Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Very Independent Producers on Hulu

Very Independent Producers is a great show on Hulu with indie producers Ted Hope and Christine Vachon moderating. In each episode, Hope and Vachon interview a figure from the world of independent film. These are the movers and shakers of independent film. Watch them. Get to know them. Be like them.  


Richard said...

Shame HULU is US only. Cant seeit in the UK

Jozua Malherbe said...

Can these interviews not be posted on various video sited so that the rest of the indie-film world can share this information?! It's very frustration!!

Jane Kelly Kosek said...

The original hosts Plum TV has one episode on their site ( Other than that, Ted doesn't know how it can be seen outside the U.S. Hopefully Hulu will be available internationally soon. Hulu probably has exclusive rights to broadcast the show, which is why it's not on multiple sites.