Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's Back: Top 50 Hottest Young Actors from the Movie-Fanatic

And I love it! I love it when the Movie-Fanatic does its Top 50 Lists of the Hottest Young Actors. I am constantly evaluating new actors for roles and it's lists like this that help me immensely when figuring out who's hot at the moment. So if you are casting young actors right now, definitely peruse this list. 


Jan said...

Jane, thanks for the mention on your blog, and for visiting our movie site. I'm one of the admins over @ tMF. Jed has admired for some time German actor Kostja Ullmann's movies and acting on our site and considers him obviously from our list, to be amongst some of the top hot young actors at the moment. It's nice to hear that Ullmann's attached to one of your upcoming films, The Diary of Preston Plummer. We are looking forward to hopefully hearing more about it. Hope you will visit us again, thanks!

~ Jan - Research Admin

Jane Kelly Kosek said...

Thanks Jan! And thank you for putting up a mention on your site. Love it!