Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Internet Isn't for Everyone

I am in Detroit and staying with relatives who have no Internet connection. It's surprising and a little refreshing. I am at a coffee shop creating this post and looking forward to retreating back to the black hole of my in-laws. I probably won't post again until I am back home next week and part of the Web World again!

How do we reach those about our films who don't rely on the Internet for communication? Right now, there is a huge push for movie marketing to focus on the world of Web users. But we can't forget those who rely on the traditional news outlets, like TV and print (which is downsizing at a rapid rate). 

Getting your film in front of the Web-less audience is a challenge. This is where word-of-mouth and researching your core demographic and how they access information is very important. There are ways beyond the Internet to get the word out about your film and be sure to include them in your film marketing. Or you may be missing out on a huge group of fans of your work!

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JB said...

Great blog! We have an indie biopic coming soon..