Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Super U: A Venue to Watch Short Films

Melissa Wood of Super U asked me to mention their Web site to my readers. Looks super cool. As an aside, Super Channel licensed one of my shorts last year so I know they pay for shorts! 

Super U is the online venue to watch the latest short films. Viewers enjoy high quality content, qualified by the viewers themselves. Filmmakers enjoy on-site contests and exposure to broadcasters like Super U’s partner Super Channel, Canada's national pay television network. As Super U grows, filmmakers will share in the advertising revenues generated on the site.

Super U runs regular themed contests for the members with large monetary prizes, and the contests are often judged by a celebrity panel.

Check it out...


Anonymous said...

Is this only a medium for short films? or more like YouTube where one can upload anything else?

Jane Kelly Kosek said...

From Super U: We welcome people to post any video they'd like to share with Super U. Most recently we've had a member post some clips from a kid's hockey game.

For more information, readers can take a look at our Community Guidelines and our FAQ section.