Sunday, March 1, 2009

More People Are Going to the Movies

According to today's New York Times article "In Downturn, Americans Flock to the Movies," box office numbers are up -- ticket sales are up 17.5% and attendance is up 16%. That's great news for our business and believable. I'm finding it to be true in my own movie-going pattern. My attendance is definitely up!

Why are more people going to the movies now? I think the recession has a lot to do with it. Movies are still a relatively low cost way of being entertained. They are much cheaper than an expensive dinner at your favorite restaurant or going to a pricey concert or taking a weekend trip. So naturally, movies become part of the plan for some low-cost, get out of the house, fun.

I also think the increase has to do with wanting a break from all the bad things that are going on in the world. Movies are a great respite from all responsibility. The lights are down, no one can talk, the cell phones are off. You are in another dimension for 2 hours, and if the movie is good, you feel good. 

As well as wanting a break from bad things, I think we are all seeking opportunities for bringing normalcy to our lives and the sheer act of going to a movie helps us feel normal. Going to the movies is something we all have grown up doing. Retreating to the theater allows us to revisit the glory days of spending Saturday afternoons at the local cinema, sneaking into R-rated films and eating way too much popcorn. Those were the days!! On that note, I'm going to go to the movies. 


Sabina E. said...

yeah. it's just like how entertainers like Shirley Temple were extremely popular in the 30s during the Great Depression, but when i watch her movies, i don't see anything spectacular, but i can see how she captured people's imaginations back then in such a sorrow period.

Anonymous said...

I agree that movies are a great distraction.

Anonymous said...

Films are the silver lining for the recession-ridden age we live in today!