Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Film Festival Secrets

Chris Holland, the director of festival operations at B-Side, lets you in on the secrets that will help you navigate the festival circuit with your film -- for free. The book is available as a download here: Film Festival Secrets. Give it a read. It's really helpful. 

B-Side is interesting too. Good to see sites that help indie filmmakers and platforms for playing the films survive and thrive. From the Web site:

B-Side is the leading technology partner for film festivals helping audiences discover films. With more than 200 film festival partners, B-Side can enable any festival to have a web presence that rivals the top festivals around the world.

We support festivals by providing cutting edge internet technology for free. The B-Side Festival Guide is an interactive festival schedule that engages audience members and filmmakers with social features such as ratings, reviews, recommendations, and blogs.


Thomai said...

Hi Jane,

Saw you over at Melissa's Women & Hollywood blog.

I'm a director with experience as PM/PS, AD (film, webisodes, MV)
and producer (commercial, promo, etc.)

I'm getting ready to direct a short film.
The films I make are (and going to be) character driven.

Stop by my blog and lets meet (at least online)

grace with ease,

Jane Kelly Kosek said...

Hi Thomai,

Thanks for dropping by! I saw your blog. Looks great. Keep it up! Good luck with your short. Keep in touch and let me know how your films are coming.