Monday, February 2, 2009

iFilmmaker New Application

I'm off to Jury Duty today. Lots o' fun for me today. Maybe I'll see Gene Hackman there. If only it were the movies! A friend did say he hung out with Eva Longoria when he reported last. When I say hung out, he sat next to her. So who knows? Maybe I'll hang with a celebrity who is reporting too. I'll keep you posted on it. 

So today's blog will be brief since it's 6am and I have to report to duty at 7:30a! Don't they know that filmmakers sleep in when they aren't in production?? 

Today I'm alerting you all to a new application on Filmmaking topics called iFilmmaker Pro for your iPhone or iPod Touch from Vikram Yashpal Malhotra. I don't own either device so I couldn't try it out. If someone else wants to try it out and offer up a review that would be great.

You can download the application from iTunes App store and it will work on your iPHONE or iPOD Touch. It's $4.99 to download. As I said, I can't recommend the app as I don't own the iPhone or iPod Touch. But now you know about it so feel free to check it out if you like. 

Following is more information about the application:

For the movie making beginner, expert or "been-there-done-that indie enthusiast", iFilmMaker is loaded with 1500 questions, tips and tricks of the film making trade, presented in a very entertaining, and educational manner. With iFilmMaker application, you can learn about Editing, Directing/Producing, ScriptWriting, Acting, and Cinematography with easy to answer questions, and click to live web links for detailed information about the particular subject.

- Over 1500 questions to choose from with points for each correct answer

- 5 Film Making Subject Categories: Editing, Directing, ScriptWriting, Acting and Cinematography

- Each question has a detailed web page links for detailed informaton

- Users can submit a question as well!

- Active Leaderboard with a list of the top points scorers

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