Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Have Fun with Your Filmmaking

I think it's great when you can think of ways to have a good time when making smaller films. There usually isn't much money to be had so why not make it about the experience as well as making a movie? 

Here's an example of some filmmakers creating a journey out of their work. Check it out and if you are in a city they are going to be in and you want to contribute, give them a shout. It sounds super cool and fun to me. Here's the dealio:  

The Two-week Turnaround Tour, or T3, is a community filmmaking project. Thousands of amateur and professional filmmakers will come together in over 14 US cities to write, shoot, and screen a short film in just two weeks.

We believe everyone has something to offer in the collaborative art of filmmmaking. The tour kicks off March 27, 2009. Check out our site at

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TAL said...

Filmmaking isn't always about making money (although that is nice). Sometimes just gaining a lifetime experience is satisfaction enough.

Great article.

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