Friday, February 13, 2009

Get a Life!

As an indie film producer, I have to remind myself of this mantra every day: Get a life! If I don't, I find days go by in a blur of never-ending script reading and strategizing and researching and budgeting and thinking about who is ignoring my calls or emails or who has money to invest, etc. 

My husband is constantly saying I am the hardest working person he knows -- and the least recognized or paid for my efforts. I shrug it off as I eat my next can of Campbell's Bean n' Bacon soup -- can't beat a buck for dinner -- as I continue to work toward the day I am financially stable enough to wake up every day and just write, develop, and make movies -- as I eat my bon bons. 

But sometimes, even I recognize that I need to get a life. And so do all of you who are like me. Take a break. Watch a movie without analyzing it. Eat a tin of brownies and drink a bottle of wine with your loved ones. Run away for the weekend, a week, a month -- however long -- but get away from it all. Don't answer the Blackberry (yeah right, that just might kill you) or try only looking at it once an hour, not once every five minutes. 

Slow down, smell the roses, take a nap or a bath. Get a haircut or a massage. Do something other than obsess about your movies. You will have better perspective and more energy for this insane lifestyle if you do. 

That being said, I am going to take this advice and head to wine country this weekend. I am not going to blog while I am gone. I will be back on Tuesday with the results. 

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Get out the Sleepless in Seattle or Love Actually or Roman Holiday and just enjoy life for a while.


Zaki Gordon Institute said...

Hi Jane,
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Anonymous said...

Jane... I know exactly what you mean. I haven't tried the soup you recommend - I'll look for it in between phone calls. But seriously, sometimes we get so focused on the next project that we forget to live. It's Monday morning as I type these words. I hope you had a great, relaxing time in wine country!