Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Change Is Afoot in the Sundance Landscape

Geoff Gilmore, the longstanding leader of the Sundance Film Festival, is moving on from his leadership role as Chief Programmer at Sundance to take on a leadership role as Chief Creative Officer at Tribeca Enterprises. 

This is not a lateral move for Gilmore. He's not moving as Chief Programmer of Sundance to become Chief Programmer of the Tribeca Film Festival. Rather, he will be running the parent company of the Tribeca Film Festival and guiding Tribeca Enterprises' overall content on a global level. 

What will this mean for both Sundance and Tribeca? Will Sundance become smaller and more intimate without Gilmore's presence? Will the Tribeca Film Festival suddenly feature less mainstream-type films and go for the more auteur indie films. We won't know for a while but rest assured change is afoot on both coasts due to Gilmore's move.

Gilmore claims he wanted to move back to NY and that is the reason for the shift. I can't blame him. I love NY and threaten to move back daily. It's not that LA isn't lovely and a great place to be; there's just a magnetism about NY. It's hard to stay away for too long. 

One things is for sure: I'm glad Gilmore will still be in the indie film community. At least he didn't leave Sundance to go run Warner Bros. We need people like Gilmore to help keep indie films on everyone's radar and provide platforms for launching our babies. This next year is going to be very interesting...

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