Monday, January 12, 2009

Take Me Home Web Site & Podcast

I am producing Take Me Home by Sam Jaeger. Take Me Home is a road trip film about two people unraveling on a taxi ride from New York City to the California coast. Sam is also the director of this charming film that stars himself and his wife Amber Jaeger. Some of you may know Sam through his work as Matt Dowd on Eli Stone or his starring role in Catch and Release. Take Me Home is Sam's first feature-length film as writer/director. I am certain we will see more from him in the future. 

I wanted to take a moment to present to you the newly designed Take Me Home Web site for the film. And a great feature that Sam has added to the site: a podcast of the adventure of making the film, which you can listen to here.

I'm really proud of this little film and everyone on board. Go team!

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