Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Filmmaker's New Year's Resolution

The new year is a great time to evaluate who you are as a filmmaker and the projects you want to make. What has happened in the past year to help define who are you? Do your projects reflect this new you?

Take time to weed out those projects that are distracting you from being the filmmaker you want to be. Maybe the development process is too draining on one or the topic is no longer timely or the people attached bring you down rather than up. Whatever the reason, let go of these projects and focus on the ones that really excite you and have promise. 

It can be difficult to let go. Maybe you have put a lot of time and resources into a project and you don't want to just walk away. In that case, you need to decide if putting more precious time and resources into the project is the right thing. Or is it better for you and the project to take the loss and focus on putting your energy and resources toward other projects that have a better shot at getting made. Everything we do is a part of a learning process in making us better filmmakers. And sometimes being better means making tough decisions, like letting go and moving on. So let's all resolve to be better this year!


Sabina E. said...

I hope you have a great new year. I just discovered your blog a few days ago (on Women and Hollywood) and I think you give a lot of great advice.

Keep well,


Jane Kelly Kosek said...

Thanks Sabina! I appreciate the support. I figure it's about time to share what I have and continue to learn. Are you a filmmaker?