Thursday, December 4, 2008


Sundance is considered the top film festival for independent films. It has consistently hosted the premieres of some of the best independent films in history. This week, Sundance is releasing its list of films for its 2009 festival in January. Congratulations to everyone who has been accepted! 

It's very exciting for those who get in and disappointing for those of us who didn't (I have a film that didn't get in). But whether or not you are accepted, a producer must carry on and have faith that his or her film will find its audience. Sundance is only one venue for a launch of a film. There are many other wonderful festivals that are great hosts for world premieres. 

This morning Eugene Hernandez of Indiewire released an excellent article on how to work Sundance if you got in and what to do next, if you didn't. Click the Sundance title above to access the article. He has a great list of sales agents and publicists listed in it as well. That's a great resource for every filmmaker. By the way, I am a huge fan of Indiewire. If you are not a member of its community, join now. I read their emails each morning and they keep me informed on what is happening all around me in the indie world. Cheers!

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