Sunday, December 7, 2008

Being Independent

Being independent means calling your own shots on how you want your career to be. It also means a huge responsibility for figuring out and executing the career you want. When I became an independent producer, I knew in my gut that I wanted to develop my own stories and accept the responsibility for heading the team that brings the stories to the big screen. I greatly enjoy finding stories and having the ability to develop them into something about which I feel really excited and then finding the creative teams that will work together to make the films. 

But working with other producers can be just as rewarding. You can help support or share the producing responsibilities on a film and may even find that it fits your personality better. Even though I work independently, I have a few projects on which I am partnering with other producers. On those projects, I find it really great (often relieving) to be able to run things by another person and be able to shoulder the millions of tasks that a producer does for each project. Being independent doesn't have to mean doing it alone. 


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