As a working film producer, I have vast experience in the making of independent feature films. Producing a film is a mighty task and much of my knowledge has been accrued over years of trial and error. I have come up with many strategies for successful indie filmmaking and I'm happy to consult on your film if you would like to learn what I know. It will cut out much of the guesswork on how to make a movie. I can provide insights into what it takes and prepare you for embarking on your film at any phase of a film's life.

I am also on the eternal search for a produceable script. One that has the following essential elements:

*Great Structure
*Engaging Plot
*Strong Dialogue
*In-Depth Character Development
*Castable Lead Characters
*Budget That Makes Sense for the Genre and Any Creative Attachments
*Commercial & Marketable Premise
*Clear Audience

If a script has the above elements, I know I can feel comfortable introducing it to financiers and cast and crew and spend the rest of my life marketing the project to distributors and audiences worldwide.

So in addition to being able to provide you with an overview on how to make an independent feature film, I can read your script and provide a producer's perspective on your script.

Email me (Jane Kelly Kosek) at if you are interested in getting a working producer's perspective on your script and/or how to make an indie film.

My perspective is my own. And my rates are very reasonable too. I am keeping my rates low as I would like to make this service affordable for my readers who tend to be low budget independent filmmakers.

Phone Consultation:
$50/hr for 1/2 hour.

Script Consultation
Feature-length script: $100
Short script (under 20 pages): $30

If you would like to pick my brain about how to make a movie or have your script evaluated by a working film producer (I have produced over a dozen short and feature-length projects), please email me at

Thank you!


Classic Reinvention said...

Do you only do consultations on scripts? Or finished products as well?

Classic Reinvention said...

Do you only consult on scripts of finished products as well?

Jane Kosek said...

I'd be happy to consult on a finished product!