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ANNOUNCING the release of GV27: GRAFFITI VERITE' REDUX documentary
Directed by filmmaker Bob Bryan

Bryan World Productions
Contact: Loida
PO Box 74033
Los Angeles CA 90004
web site:
Tel: 323/856-9256

BWP Press, Los Angeles, CA--- The New Documentary release by multi award-winning indie filmmaker Bob Bryan "GV27: GRAFFITI VERITE' REDUX"
(Running Time 100 Minutes) is ready for it's close-up.

TIME CAPSULE (circa 1995)

GV27: GRAFFITI VERITE' REDUX celebrates and commemorates the 20th Anniversary of the worldwide indie release of GRAFFITI VERITE': READ THE WRITING ON THE WALL.
With Original never-seen-before interviews, footage and Artwork GV27 reconnects with the creative energy and zeitgeist of that fertile period in Los Angeles' Urban Art History, when Graffiti was everywhere!

20 years ago (1995) the documentary GRAFFITI VERITE': READ THE WRITING ON THE WALL was released. It was produced and directed by filmmaker Bob Bryan. The objective was to document the diverse & complex Graffiti Art movement on the West Coast, Los Angeles, California. We exceeded our expectations!
Graffiti Verite' became a Multi Award-Winning cultural tour d' force. A definitive statement that spoke of Graffiti as an legitimate Artistic expression had now arrived on the Art Scene and could no longer be ignored, berated or relegated to the fringes of polite Art society.
"Truth or Dare"
Featured Article in RAP PAGES MAGAZINE
Written by Ben Higa

"Graffiti Verite’s Bob Bryan continue to prove that beauty is in the eye-of the-beholder.
Graffiti Verite', the incisive documentary on the lives of Los Angeles Graffiti Artists, blew up like no other graff video to date, leaving behind an unprecedented trail of award recognition, media exposure and education about the Art Form.

Bob Bryan, director, producer and director of photography on the film, accomplished what no other videographer had yet been able to do: create a graffiti documentary with mainstream crossover appeal."
---Written by Ben Higa
"Truth or Dare"- Featured Article in RAP PAGES MAGAZINE
GV27 celebrates the 20th Anniversary of that monumental event!
The story was is the time to unearth the rest of the story!
( Free Youtube Online Viewing is Available for media reviewers for a limited time only )
Awards etc:
Telephone: 323/856-9256
contact: Loida