Saturday, March 12, 2011

Great "I Need Your Money to Make My Movie" Video on Kickstarter

I was a few espressos in this morning and doing my daily ritual of trolling the internet in order to keep up with indie film news when I came upon the upcoming indie project I Am I the film. Check out their Web site here:

Anyway, I noticed they had a successful Kickstarter campaign in which they reached their goal of raising $100k and even surpassed it. So I thought I would check out their video. I'm glad I did. It's super charming and made me think, where's my wallet? And then I reminded myself that I too was a broke filmmaker. Hahaha!

Oh hell, maybe I can find another $100 (looks like they raised it to $150 - the T-shirt is worth it). I could use another Assoc Prod credit. And I'm a sucker for smart, hard-working indie filmmakers.

I wanted to share their video with everyone because I think it's super cool and were I to start another Kickstarter campaign, I would definitely try to steal their work. Are Kickstarter videos copyright protected? Shhh!

Should I be pissed that they have now set the bar so high for these videos? Hmmm.

I wish this team all the best. Looks like a great project. Good luck to them!

Here is the video:

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