Monday, November 29, 2010

The Power of the Social Network for Filmmakers

Social networking works! Just the other day, I asked my friends, colleagues, and readers to put our film Not Since You in their Netflix queue. Our social network heard our call and they acted by putting the film in their queue. And guess what? Netflix placed a DVD order within days. Now that's power!

So indie filmmakers, let's learn to use this power to help bring independent film back from the brink. I personally want to thank everyone for putting our film in their queue. Taking those few precious moments to log into your account and request the film does make a difference!

I know it can feel like a burden to have one more thing to do in your busy day. I often personally feel like I am so overwhelmed that even logging into Netflix is too much to ask. But if we are going to save independent film, we do need to log in and support one another and help out when we can. And I am so grateful to those who helped. I promise to do the same for you. We're in this together!

So thank you and on to more marketing efforts!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Not Since You and Netflix!

So our film Not Since You releases on DVD this week! We are hearing from our DVD distributor that we are really close to the threshold at which Netflix starts buying copies of the DVD. If everyone could help us by putting the DVD of Not Since You in their Netflix queue, we would be so grateful!!!

Thanks everyone! Here's to making movies!!! Cheers!

I am happy to return the favor anytime. Just let me know when I need to put a film in my Netflix queue and I'm there!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our ILM Documentary Premiering November 12 - 14!

Here's a trailer to the ILM documentary that I co-produced. We're super excited that it is premiering on Starz Encore this weekend! I hope you can all check it out!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Independent Film Struggles: Access to Strong Scripts

When I worked in the studio system, my desk was overflowing in scripts -- filled with the good, the bad, and the mediocre. More bad than good but there was still a ton to read. As soon as I went independent though, the floodgate of scripts trickled to a slow drip.

In fact, most of the independent films that I make are from writers/directors I have found through relationships I have made myself. One of the films I produced was introduced to me by an agent.

There must be so many wonderful scripts just sitting on shelves that are not making their way to us independent producers. Let's change that!

Writers, don't be afraid to approach independent filmmakers directly. Or ask your rep to call us. We can make your films!

I understand the philosophy behind wanting a writer's work to have the greatest chance of success with the largest budget, i.e. take the script to the studio first. Okay, I get that. But, what I'm not understanding is shelving those scripts after the studios pass on them.

Why not get those scripts to good, reputable independent producers who can make the script into a film? Every director in Hollywood began their careers with smaller projects. A well-made film in any arena should only increase the writer/director's success. Besides, by bypassing the indie world, writers are actually decreasing their chances of being produced.

There are a ton of really smart and amazing independent producers who could make incredible films if they had greater access to strong scripts. Let's break down this barrier! Give us access to stronger scripts and we will have a stronger chance at saving independent film.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Not Since You on VOD, PPV & DVD This Month!

I woke up this morning and thought, It's November 1st! Not Since You should be available On Demand. So I dashed to my television as if it were Christmas morning and there it was. Not Since You and the word NEW next to it.

This is the proud moment of a film parent. You raise your movies and release them out into the world. And when they sit amongst the studio releases as if it were one of them, you smile.

Now I'm wondering if I can rent the movie in hotels? Hmmm. Where's the nearest Holiday Inn? I'm on my way! So silly but those thoughts do run through your mind -- the idea that you could enjoy your own film in a hotel. How fun is that?

And to top it all off, Not Since You comes out on DVD on November 23rd. Yippee! It definitely puts a skip in my step and makes the slog of paperwork and deliverables for my upcoming titles feel like a refreshing dip -- well, maybe that's going a bit too far...


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